Scalenut Review: SEO Content & AI Writing Assistant

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If you’ve been hunting for an exhaustive critique of Scalenut, you’ve hit the jackpot! This all-in-oneSEO content generator offers a one-stop-shop solution for creating long- and short-form content. Not only does it aid in crafting engaging content, but it also comes loaded with in-built SEO tools for fine-tuning your write-ups.

But what sets Scalenut apart is its unique Topic Cluster tool. This feature empowers you to carve out your niche and increase search engine rankings. Are you intrigued yet? Read on for a comprehensive analysis of Scalenut and decide if it’s the right fit for you!

Scalenut Overview

The brainchild of tech enthusiasts Gaurav Goyal and Mayank Jain, Scalenut stepped into the market in 2020. This Indian-based venture has quickly made its name in AI-driven content generation.

At its core, Scalenut serves as a multi-dimensional platform offering a plethora of tools, such as:

  • A vast library of templates
  • Cruise Mode for effortless long-form content creation
  • Powerful SEO capabilities for outsmarting competition
  • The Topic Cluster Builder for strategic Content planning around primary keywords

The comprehensive nature of Scalenut makes it a cost-effective solution. Without having to invest in separate tools for keyword research, SEO optimization, and content generation, you get everything under one roof.

Scalenut is a boon for bloggers and content marketers who frequently generate long-form Content. It ensures your Content ranks on search engines like Google by providing effective keyword research and a complete SEO-optimized article.

With a global customer base exceeding 100,000 marketers, Scalenut has bagged renowned brands like Adobe, Amazon, and Microsoft as clients. You can delve into their case studies for inspiration and further prove their effectiveness.

Scalenut Features

Now, let’s take a closer look at the various features offered by Scalenut and how they can be leveraged to create SEO-friendly, long-form Content in no time.

Cruise Mode

The show’s star, Cruise Mode, empowers you to whip up articles exceeding 1500 words in five minutes. Here’s a walkthrough of how it works:

  1. Begin by inputting your keywords and the desired target location. Then, hit Start.
    Adding keywords using Scalenut in Cruise Mode
  2. While Scalenut crafts an SEO report, provide some context and a tone of voice. You can create a new voice style by pasting a URL or text sample. To proceed, click Create Title.
    Adding context and selecting a tone of voice using Scalenut
  3. Scalenut will then present a plethora of AI-generated titles and top-ranked titles. Choose the most striking one or rephrase it to your liking. Once satisfied, click Create Outline.
    Selecting one of the top-ranking titles suggested by Scalenut
  4. Scalenut will automatically draft an outline with key terms highlighted. You can drag these terms according to your preference, modify and delete titles, or generate AI titles.
    Building the outline using Scalenut
  5. On the right panel, you can view outlines for top-ranking competitors and frequently asked questions from popular search engines like Google. Incorporate these into your outline and click Generate Writing Points.
    Commonly asked questions as shown in Scalenut
  6. In the left panel, Scalenut will suggest writing points to include in your article. In the right panel, select Explore Statistics for more writing points. You can drag these points to the left panel for inclusion. You can even add more AI-suggested writing points or delete them. To proceed, click Generate Content.
    Adding statistics using Scalenut
  7. Voila! Your first draft is ready. If you aren’t satisfied with the Content, click the Refresh icon to regenerate it or manually edit it. Once you’re ready, select Export to Editor.
    Clicking the refresh button using Scalenut
  8. The Editor will then allow you to optimize your Content for SEO.
    SEO optimizing content using Scalenut

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis

Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), Scalenut creates natural and human-like Content. The NLP analysis offered by Scalenut provides multiple benefits:

  • Automates the creation of Content to save time and resources
  • Enhances the reader’s experience by generating engaging Content
  • Boosts organic traffic by aiding in keyword optimization

Scalenut also suggests keywords for establishing topical authority and niche domination, helping you edge out your competition.

SEO Optimization

Fixing the SEO score using Scalenut

Scalenut goes beyond just generating AI-written content. It ensures your Content is primed for ranking on search engines. Upon completing your first draft using Cruise Mode, you’ll receive an SEO score. You can boost this score by incorporating key terms, meta tags, headings, and more. With just a click, you can fix these elements to save time!

Tone of Voice

Adding a new tone of voice in Scalenut

Scalenut allows you to create multiple tones for different use cases or maintain brand consistency by creating a unique tone for your brand.

Credible Statistics

Adding SERP statistics into content using Scalenut

Scalenut eliminates the hassle of hunting for statistics for your article. With credible SERP Statistics, you can instantly add data-backed facts to your Content.

Keyword Planner

To establish topical authority (the expertise, credibility, and recognition in a specific subject), it’s crucial to target relevant and related keywords. Scalenut takes care of this. Here’s how it works:

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to Keyword Planner and click Plan.
    Going to the keyword planner in Scalenut
  2. Input the keywords you want to build topical authority around and select your target location. Click Start.
    Adding a focus keyword into Scalenut
  3. Scalenut will then create a topical cluster report to build topical authority.
    Topic keyword clusters in Scalenut
  4. Upon opening a cluster, you’ll see the total search volume, relevance, and cost per click. These metrics are crucial for ranking keywords and establishing niche authority. When you’re ready to start writing using Cruise Mode, select Create SEO Article.
    Topic keyword cluster metrics in Scalenut

The Keyword Planner is a great tool for those who have a topic in mind but need help kickstarting their content strategy. It enables you to showcase your expertise; in return, Google rewards you with traffic.

AI Templates

AI-powered templates in Scalenut

Scalenut provides over 40 AI templates to assist in crafting long and short-form Content:

  • Email copywriting
  • Website copy
  • Google Ads
  • Video content
  • Long-form content writing tools
  • Product descriptions
  • Advertisement copy

Scalenut also has some unique templates like:

  • First-Person to Third-Person Converter
  • Active to Passive Converter
  • Passive to Active Converter

Scalenut Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly: Scalenut’s interface is clean and intuitive.
  • Easy Content Creation: Its user-friendly approach and intuitive tools assist you in creating high-quality Content, whether short-form or long-form.
  • Robust Keyword Research: Its advanced keyword research and keyword clusters feature help structure and organize your Content.
  • Cruise Mode: The one-of-a-kind Cruise Mode allows for AI-generated content creation in minutes.
  • Customer Support: Scalenut’s customer support team is reachable via email live chat and even offers video boot camp sessions explaining how to use its features.


  • Limited Language Support: Scalenut only supports English, unlike other SEO AI writers like Surfer SEO, Frase, and Writesonic, which support multiple languages.
  • Human Input Required: To adhere to Google’s guidelines, Scalenut requires human input for correcting grammatical errors and editorial skills.
  • Repetitive Content: Like other AI writing tools, Scalenut may generate repetitive Content, which can mean more editing for you.
  • Inaccuracies: Some of Scalenut’s Content may be inaccurate, necessitating fact-checking.
  • Non-Customizable Templates: Despite having over 40 templates, they are not customizable, which can be limiting.

My Scalenut Experience

Upon encountering Scalenut, I was instantly intrigued. The multitude of features packed into one software was truly impressive.

I decided to start my exploration with its most popular feature – Cruise Mode. Using it was a breeze and guided me step-by-step through creating an article. I entered my keyword, specified my target audience’s location, and had a polished piece of long-form Content ready to publish within minutes.

Social media posts and other short-form Content and ad copy, Scalenut’s Tone of Voice feature came in handy. It helped me create unique Content that effectively communicated with my target audience.

All in all, Scalenut stands tall among the best AI content-writing tools and content optimization platforms. It’s the Content and SEO assistant you’ve been looking for.

Considering its features (and affordable pricing), Scalenut is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and versatile writing tools in the market.

Who Is Scalenut For?

Scalenut is a versatile platform suitable for a wide range of users looking to generate Content. More importantly, it provides benefits like improving search engine rankings. Here’s who can benefit from using Scalenut:

Content Marketers and Bloggers

Scalenut offers an intuitive user interface and a seamless content creation process. You can optimize your writing points and create top-notch Content in minutes. With everything from planning keywords using the Keyword Planner to generating customizable Content using Cruise Mode and optimizing the Content for search engine rankings, Scalenut is a content marketer or a blogger’s dream come true.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Tiny and medium-sized businesses aim to reach their target audience while saving money. Scalenut is an excellent solution for this. It’s easy to use, so you don’t need much technical knowledge or SEO expertise to generate Content made to rank. You also save on hiring a writer and SEO specialist.

For businesses keen on maintaining a consistent tone of voice for brand recognition, Scalenut’s Tone of Voice feature is a boon. This feature allows you to create a tone of voice unique to your brand.

Finally, Scalenut grows with you. You can access more features as your business grows and you scale your content marketing efforts.

Scalenut presents time-saving AI writing capabilities at friendly price points, making it an ideal tool for mid-sized enterprises.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut pricing chart

For everything that Scalenut offers, its pricing is incredibly affordable. It offers three subscription plans: Essential, Growth, and Pro. There is a 7-day free trial available for each of these plans.


The Essential plan, priced at $39 monthly for annual or monthly subscriptions, is best suited for individuals and consultants. It includes features like:

  • 40+ AI templates
  • 100,000 AI words
  • 5 SEO articles per month
  • SERP analysis
  • NLP key terms
  • Document sharing
  • Dedicated Chrome extension
  • Email and live chat support


Priced at $79 monthly for annual and monthly subscriptions, the Growth plan is ideal for those looking to scale their Content. It includes:

  • 30 SEO articles per month
  • 30 keyword clusters per month
  • 30 optimize and audit pages
  • 1-Click WordPress publishing integration
  • Unlimited AI writing tools and access to AI Settings
  • Integrations


The Pro plan is designed for larger operations, starting at $149 for annual and monthly subscriptions. It includes:

  • 75 SEO articles per month
  • 75 keyword clusters
  • 75 Optimize and audit pages
  • 1 user (you can add more users if necessary; $49 per user)

Scalenut Alternatives

If Scalenut doesn’t fit your needs, you might want to consider these alternatives:

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO homepage

Pricing: Starts at $89 per month ($69 if paid annually) on the Essential plan.

Leveraging machine learning, Surfer SEO has become an industry standard for bloggers and content marketers to create search-engine-optimized Content. It offers an AI-powered platform with valuable features like suggested word count, recommended terms for better rankings, and faster project completion. Besides that, Surfer has a SERP analyzer, topic cluster tool, and, more recently, Surfer AI to supercharge your content workflow.


Jasper homepage

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month ($39 if paid annually) on the Creator plan.

Jasper is a multifaceted AI writer powered by GPT-3 technology with many features and functions. With its advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, it creates quality Content effortlessly.

Generative AI

Anyword homepage

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month ($39 if paid annually) on the Starter plan.

Anyword is a content-writing tool that uses data to create compelling copy for blog post generation, ads, emails, landing pages, and more. It’s great for content marketers, SEO experts, and Targeted marketing for businesses.


Writesonic homepage

Pricing: Their Free trial offers 10,000 per month for 1 user

Writesonic is an AI writer that provides GPT 3 and GPT4 technology. It also has 70+ AI templates to help you get started with your seamless content creation processes.


Well, that sums up our deep dive into Scalenut! Hopefully, this review has provided you with the insights you need.

Having explored and tested Scalenut, it’s an exceptionally potent AI writing tool. It helps you craft engaging Content and offers a range of tools to optimize your write-ups.

What struck me most was its Cruise Mode, which takes you step-by-step through crafting a full article. By the end, I was left with a well-optimized piece of long-form Content that I was eager to share.

In social media posts and other short-form Content, ad copy, and more, Scalenut’s Tone of Voice feature proved invaluable. It helped me create unique Content that effectively communicated with my target audience.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an all-in-one solution to scale your content efforts at an affordable price, I recommend trying Scalenut. With a 7-day free trial on offer, you have nothing to lose!

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